Our Partnership Model

Fission's market leading 5 pillar partnership model is what makes us different.

Partners in Recruitment

A recruitment partnership refers to a collaborative relationship between two organisations that work together to identify, attract, and hire qualified candidates for open positions. This involves aligning visions and values throughout the hiring process and sharing valuable market intelligence in order to ensure both parties have an advantage over other companies in the industry.

Partners in Solution Finding

Solution finding refers to the process of identifying and addressing problems or challenges in the recruitment process in order to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. It involves analysing the current recruitment process and identifying areas for improvement, then developing and implementing strategies and tactics to overcome these challenges and achieve better outcomes.

Partners in
Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion refers to the practice of actively seeking out and hiring candidates from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, in order to create a workforce that is representative of the communities it serves. This involves promoting a culture of inclusion that values and respects differences in race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, and other factors.

For example:

Partners in Social Responsibility

Social responsibility in recruitment refers to the ethical and equitable practices that companies should adopt when hiring employees. It involves ensuring that the recruitment process is fair, transparent, and inclusive, and that all candidates are given an equal opportunity to succeed.

Some ways in which companies can demonstrate social responsibility in recruitment include:

By prioritizing social responsibility in recruitment, companies can not only improve their reputation and bottom line, but also contribute to a more just and equitable society.

Partners in Sustainability

Sustainability refers to the practice of recruiting new employees in a way that is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable. This means that the recruitment process should be designed and implemented in a way that minimizes negative impacts on the environment, promotes social responsibility, and creates economic value for the organisation.

By promoting sustainability in recruitment, organisations can reduce their environmental impact, enhance their reputation as a socially responsible employer, and attract and retain talent that shares their values.

Success Stories

Take a look at what our clients say about us across different industries.

Transpennine Route Upgrade (West)
Amey Consulting had won major packages of work on the Transpennine Route Upgrade and needed to increase their engineering numbers across York and Manchester to deliver the work. We understood the urgency of the project and dedicated a large resource in order to ensure delivery.

The result was 40 CV’s, 21 interviews and 11 placements.
West Coast Power Supply Upgrade Phase 3
Alstom, Babcock & Costain needed to increase their headcount from 50 to 300 in a 3-year period to deliver a £48m electrification project. Fission mapped out the market, focusing on competitors in the electrification sector of railways and multi-speciality potential competitors across the whole industry.

The result was we were instrumental in attracting 90 staff of the client’s overall need of 300 people.
Retained assignment for the Office of Rail & Rail (ORR)
Fission was set the task of recruiting a Rail Vehicles Specialist. The role involved carrying out assessments and leading.

The process took one month overall (excluding notice period) from initial job take on, through to offer stage. Once the ORR had identified the chosen candidate, Fission was able to negotiate a pay rise from the candidate's previous salary, as well enabling the candidate to commute to and from work each day, instead of working away.
Evergreen 3
Fission was tasked to source an entire Signalling Installation, E&P, and civil teams for a location near to Banbury in Oxfordshire. This was a large piece of volume recruitment within defined timescales.

Fission identified the individuals to establish a new team in Oxfordshire and managed the offer and onboarding process. This was done in a defined timescale, enabling BAM Nuttall to meet its project obligations.

The result was we mobilised over 30 specialists to the project to ensure a timely delivery across numerous disciplines.
East West Rail – Executive Search
Fission was awarded a contract to assist with the appointment of 5 board level directors for this major rail scheme in the South.

We set a clear plan with the client, mapped out senior executives in similar roles taking in to account equality & diversity monitoring throughout every step.

The result was we filled all executive appointments for the client within a 6-month period (including notice periods).
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